Review — ONCE BURNED by Jeaniene Frost

OMG! I loved ONCE BURNED! The storyline was unique, dialogue witty and filled with humor, and the characters were well developed with flaws and strengths that drew me right into their story. Leila is such an amazing character who has made mistakes in her life and has many challenges to overcome. But instead of hiding from them, she’s willing to face them head-on. I adore her friendship with her little vampire partner, Marty.

Vlad is the original Count Dracula. He’s difficult, arrogant, deadly, arrogant, cruel, and did I mention, arrogant? He’s also passionate, extremely loyal, kind, territorial, considerate, and charming. Yes, he’s a complex person who intrigues me.

I flew through this book, sacrificing sleep and laundry! The ending left me wanting, wanting to read the next book. If the first book is any indication of what’s to come, I’m all in!

Focused. Strong. True.

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Once Burned — Jeaniene Frost

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