ROGUE DRAGON RISING (Outside the Veil, book 1) — high fantasy romance

Captured by trackers outside the veil and the safety of her quaint hamlet, AMARI HAWKE is thrust into the realm of two-soul shifters. Unable to remember her past, she struggles to understand what is happening to her. When she is given a sheep designation and forced to stand in a line of herbivores so prospective nobles can inspect them for purchase, her brash tongue triggers the curiosity of the powerful dragon lord, JAXON BLACKTHORN.

Jaxon and his dragon recognize the little redhead is no sheep shifter. She is too bold. So, when she holds fast to her sheep designation after questioning, he takes it as a personal challenge.

Determined to discover her secrets while keeping his heart closed to love, adamant she must hide her amnesia to protect herself, they are forced to work together to fight rogue shifters attacking innocent herbivores. Secrets are revealed, memories restored, an old dragon’s heart softens, and a young woman embraces her heritage. Can they overcome the differences that would keep them apart to realize that uniqueness may not a detriment, but an asset worth fighting for?


  • 2018 — Great Beginnings contest WINNER
  • 2017 — TARA contest WINNER
  • 2017 — Sheila contest WINNER
  • 2017 — Rudy contest WINNER
  • 2017 — Hook, Line, and Sinker second place contest finalist
  • 2017 — Lone Star Writing Competition third place finalist
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