$0.99 Sale — Sleeping Dragon Stirs!

Sleeping Dragon Stirs — $0.99 sale!

Since I haven’t offered any sales in a while, I decided to place Sleeping Dragon Stirs, the second in my Outside the Veil series on sale for $0.99! And the best part, Rogue Dragon Rising, the first in the series, is FREE! The sale is on all major e‑retailers for a short time. So, click on the images to grab your copies!

2 thoughts on “$0.99 Sale — Sleeping Dragon Stirs!”

  1. How mutch longer until the next book? Surely there will be one i hope, to many unanswerd questions. I am losing sleep over them 

    • Hello Stefanie!

      Thank you for asking about the next book in the Outside the Veil series! I’m excited to say more books are definitely planned for the series, yay! Recently, I decided to expand on the next book, so I’m currently in the process of adding additional chapters while also writing the fifth book in the series. However, because these books are so integrally related, I need to ensure the books remain consistent with each other, so the next book won’t be released for a while, at least not until the fifth book has solid footing.

      But please, check back. I have much in store for these lovely, complicated characters, and I’m looking forward to watching their stories unfold.

      All my best,


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