“I liked the author’s mastery of storytelling.” NOLA Stars contest judge and published author.

“You have a gift for storytelling.” First Kiss contest judge.

What is the definition of a storyteller? According to Webster’s Dictionary a storyteller is, “A teller of stories or a reciter of tales.” Simple really, isn’t it. Except for me, a storyteller is much more than that.

Any writer can tell a story or recite a tale through the words on a page. But a writer who strives to be a storyteller breathes life into those words. A storyteller doesn’t talk at the reader, but grabs the reader with both hands and throws her into the middle of the action. The reader no longer sees the words in a book, but experiences a multi-dimensional world with such clarity that she feels the sting of the icy rain on her skin, cries for the companions lost in battle, and tastes the passion of the lover’s first kiss on her lips.

A storyteller transports the reader to another place and time by supplying the foundation and structure so the reader can escape her reality for a few hours to transform into a sword-wielding warrior leading an army into war, a princess riding the wind on the back of a mystical, fire-breathing beast, or an ex-fighter pilot forced back into the cockpit to save the remaining survivors of a post-apocalyptic world.

That’s a storyteller. That’s who I strive to be.

WELCOME to my dreams and visions, realities and worlds, passion and angst. Hopefully, I can show you the way beyond the words and paragraphs on my pages so you can climb through the portal and experience for yourself the breeze on your face, the grass under your feet, and the crush of his lips against yours.