Alpha Dragon Awakes (Outside the Veil, #3)


Part three and the exciting conclusion to the epic fantasy romance serial trilogy, Rogue Dragon Rising, marking the beginning of the Outside the Veil series.

With no memories to guide her, Amari Hawke seeks to discover the identity of the animal trapped inside her. Days away from Trinity, when her beast will appear for the first time, she must learn to communicate with her animal or she’ll turn rogue from an unsuccessful shift.

Both Jaxon Blackthorn and his stubborn dragon have succumbed to Amari’s charms even though her animal designation is unknown. Determined to use the power of his beast, Jaxon faces the impossible challenge of saving Amari while protecting her from rogue shifters determined to capture her.

Can the strength of their love achieve what has never been attempted in the shifter realm, a successful transition of Amari’s animal and acceptance of her true heritage?


Although she had seen Jaxon’s dragon numerous times, she still trembled over the magnificent beast standing with its neck curved in an elegant arch, staring down at her. Closing her mouth that had somehow fallen open, she stepped beside him. Unafraid of the creature who could easily crush her, she skimmed her hand along its sleek neck. A shudder rippled beneath her palm, stilling her exploration of a muscular shoulder. “You’re beautiful.”

His deep, reverberating purr filled her with contentment. “Don’t say that in front of the men.”

I promise,” she said with a solemn nod.

He lowered his head so she could reach a horn. Without hesitation, she grabbed the thick base and stepped onto his foot. He lifted his leg and she pushed off, pulling herself into the natural dip between his shoulder blades.

After settling herself, she patted his neck. He twisted his broad head and amber eyes fixed her with a hard glare. “We’re not a dog, nuri.”

Matching his gaze, she threw her arms out in front of her in a shooing motion. “Well, I don’t know what to say when I’m ready.”

Jaxon’s dragon chuffed, the rumble vibrating her entire body. “You never cease to amuse me,” he admitted before his tone sobered. “Remember, you’re not in a saddle, so hang on. We won’t go too fast to unseat you.”

She dutifully leaned forward and grabbed his horns, her upper body resting along his neck. His dragon crouched, and muscles tensed beneath her. She held her breath in anticipation.

I enjoy having you astride me,” Jaxon murmured just before leaping skyward.

The air rushed from her lungs, although she wasn’t sure if her sudden inability to breathe stemmed from the force of the jump or Jaxon’s whispered confession.


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