SLEEPING DRAGON STIRS (Outside the Veil, #2)

Seeking a dragon’s trust to survive the coming days.”


Part two in the exciting epic fantasy romance serial trilogy, Rogue Dragon Rising.

As the day of her awakening nears, Amari Hawke struggles to control the beast inside her. Basking in the energy of the approaching Trinity moon, her animal’s strength has increased to the point it can control Amari’s mind and body. Fearing she is about to slip into madness, Amari is forced into a tough choice.

In a desperate attempt to save Amari and her beast, Jaxon Blackthorn encourages his cadre, the men in his trusted circle, to establish mental links with her, but when his plans fail and Amari’s animal exerts control, he must fight for the beautiful woman who is lost to her beast.

Together, can Amari and Jaxon’s developing bond for each other overcome the urges driving Amari’s animal as they also thwart an unseen enemy vying to keep them apart?


Amari stared beyond the hulking body blocking the entrance. The sky had lightened to a deep purple. Although Jaxon’s eyes remained closed, she knew the obstacle in front of her only feigned sleep. Despite her sudden bout of claustrophobia, her toes curled in anticipation. She would love to play with this dragon.

She crawled forward until she reached him and hiked a leg over his waist, only she lost her balance and landed heavy on his stomach. Intent on swinging her other leg over, she planted her hands on his chest, but Jaxon grabbed her thighs and she sucked in a startled breath.

Her surprise wasn’t due to embarrassment or fear. No, those emotional responses were too rational for her. Instead, the spattering of hair in the V of his shirt elicited her reaction. If she unfastened just six little buttons, she could follow that enticing path to its point of origin. A devious smile lit her lips, for she liked blazing new trails.

She shifted to get off, but Jaxon’s grip tightened.

You sure you want to go, mon est draco?” Jaxon asked in a rumbling tone. “Why don’t you come down here and tell me about your dream.”

Yes! Tell him. “No, no,” she insisted, not sure who she hoped to convince, especially since her hand had bunched a swath of Jaxon’s shirt, and didn’t seem inclined to let go.

Come here,” he encouraged. “Whisper it in my ear.”


TJ Shaw had me melting at the beautiful relationship these two are forming with all that stands against their future. SLEEPING DRAGON STIRS is as much a love story as it is a struggle for survival. Part two is every bit as enchanting as part one and trust me, this is NOT just filler until the final book! This is a powerful stepping stone to Amari’s awakening!” DIANNE from TOME TENDER BOOK BLOG

Sleeping Dragon Stirs is book two in the series, Outside the Veil, by TJ Shaw. This series has me absolutely spellbound. TJ’s writing is so beautiful and I am completely engrossed in this world she has created, in Jaxon and Amari’s story. CAROL’S CRAZY BOOKISH WORLD

This book is so beautifully written. With the richness of this author’s words to showcase the world these characters live in, as well as intense development between the hero and heroine as well as Jaxon’s cadre, I was completely swept up in this story. There was no way I was going to put this book aside for any reason. It ends on a cliffhanger with so much left unanswered and new drama on the horizon. Although I’ll be so freaking happy to get that final installment, I’m going to actually be sad for this story to end.” GOODREADS REVIEWER

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