Beyond the Outer Boundary

“I need you to calm down. Relax and you’ll be fine.” He spoke in a soothing voice, but his furrowed brow and drawn lips betrayed him.

Under different circumstances, she would have found his concern charming. However, her overriding priority at the moment was to ease the crushing pain in her chest. A single tear slipped onto her cheek, but he brushed it away before it could fall to the floor.

“Shh,” he whispered, although she hadn’t spoken.

Unable to do anything else, she focused on his brilliant, crystal-blue eyes. They’re as blue as the ocean, she mused remembering pictures she’d seen as a girl.

“See?” He smiled. “You’re doing better already.”

Although her convulsions had stopped, the merciless drug coursing through her bloodstream continued to systematically shut down her vital organs.

I’m dying, she answered with a calm sense of resignation. She gazed into his tranquil eyes until she went blind. Her line of vision simply narrowed and with a final blink, darkness entombed her. Soon after, her hearing failed. Encased in silence, trapped within a dying body, she struggled to fill her lungs with air.

I’m sorry Dane. If only I’d listened to you. Her lungs seized. My God they’ve killed me, she thought as unconsciousness overcame her.